Movies That Kids Can Learn From

It isn’t always but we do forgive movies that make mistakes as long as they send a strong message or are directed towards teaching children a moral. Why try and dissect something that was designed to be understood by kids in the first place? In fact, it is nice knowing that there are companies such as Pixar and Disney that continue to make movies directed towards the age group below 13. Here are our top picks.


Moral: Never give up

The story revolves around a young girl who finds out that her father has been enlisted into the army. She fears for his life and believes that he will not survive the war thus deciding to swap places with him in disguise.

The Lion King

Moral: Learn from your past mistakes

An epic worth watching thousands of times, it speaks of a young heir and his stumble toward the throne as he goes through various trials and errors until he makes amends for his past.


Moral: Patience is always a virtue

When her father suddenly dies, Ella is left in the hands of her cruel stepmother and stepsisters who make her life a living hell. She never gives into despair and when an invitation to the palace ball turns up, she laps it up albeit with the help of a beggar woman and few other characters plus a pumpkin!


Moral: Never judge a book by the cover

A street urchin with a faithful monkey for a sidekick accidentally bumps into the princess and is jailed in the process. He gets caught up in the wicked plans of Jafar who wishes to take over the entire land by using the genie in the lamp. Aladdin retrieves the lamp and the story continues.

Lilo and Stitch

Moral: Care for each other

When an experiment on another planet ends up on earth after an accident, he gets taken in by two sisters without their parents. It is family that matters and not genes in this humorous film.

Finding Nemo

Moral: Move ahead of the past, keep moving

When Nemo is lost, his dad scours the ends of the ocean until he finds him. Dory a forgetful fish joins him on his journey and together they navigate the wilderness in search of Nemo.


Moral: Where you are going matters more rather than where you came from.

When a rat by the name of Remy dreams of following in the footsteps of a famous cook in Paris, he is put down by his family and the world indeed. He never quits and somehow lands up in a kitchen running an entire crew even though he is just a little rat. It is his passion for cooking that turns things around – passion.

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